Evalyn Awake

The music with a story

The Evalyn Awake music was inspired by the stories of Evalyn Awake, written in 2010 by creator and founder, Tyler Lyon.  This music had no parameters on what it needed to be and it shows.

Kerosene Culture

rustic yet modern

This band, formed in 2018, was a throw to an indie sound marrying itself to some new roots.  This band is currently working on producing its debut album in 2019.

The Leo Project

the band that always shwas

This band formed in 2005 and was a touring act up to their departure in 2009 until its reformation in 2017.  TLP is recording a new album in 2019. 

From the Ashes

supercharged hard rock

This band is inspired from its singers roots in his native country of Venezuela.  

Breakpoint Method

punk goes soul

This band has been around for 12+ years and was reformed in 2015 with a new lineup and a new direction musically.  The band has two albums out under this lineup and another one previous to it.  Throw down from the go down.

Chance Morris

Trap in the MO

This artist is as talented in front of the computer screen as he is in the booth creating.